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About Mopec
About Mopec Europe Ltd.
Mopec's Office in the UKMopec Europe Ltd. is a limited company located in Newhaven, East Sussex. Together with our parent company, Mopec Inc. we have been a manufacturing supplier of pathology, histology, necropsy and post mortem equipment and supplies since 1992. Our company is staffed with experienced professionals committed to providing your facility with quality products to improve your work environment.
Our manufactured equipment includes grossing workstations, cadaver storage products, anatomy dissection tables, trimming workstations, body lifts, post mortem and transport trolleys, autopsy and embalming tables, both pedestal and wall mounted, as well as refrigeration and freezer solutions.
If our catalog products do not meet your needs, let us customize specific to your requirements. Our well trained and experienced Engineering Team can design and layout your project with your exact needs incorporated.
Customer Service Team
Our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service representatives are here to help. Just give us a call at +44 (0)20 3012 0045 or send an e-mail to info@mopec-europe.com and we will be happy to provide any assistance necessary.
Mopec Catalogs, Old and New
Design Team
Mopec Europe Ltd. offers a well experienced Engineering Team. Our team will assist with custom product design, laboratory design and layout as well as 3 dimensional drawings. Let our experts provide drawings to bring your concepts to life.
Quality Commitment
Mopec Europe Ltd. will provide products that will meet and exceed your expectations. Our commitment is to quality first.
Mopec is known worldwide and is committed to the design and manufacturing of innovative research equipment and instruments that meet the needs of our end-users while providing a safe, comfortable, ergonomic work environment.
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