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MB Series Backdraft Ventilation
MB Series equipped with our exclusive backdraft ventilation system that safely removes harmful chemical fumes from the work area.
MB100 with optional legs

MB200 with leg frame
DIMENSIONS: 48" (121.9 cm) Long x 29" (73.7cm) Wide x 45 1/2" (115.6cm) High
MB400EX Grossing Station Shown with Options
 Dimensions: 60" (152.4 cm) Long x 29" (73.7cm) Wide x 79" (200.1cm) High
* Dimensions: 84" (213.6 cm) Long x 30" (76.2cm) Wide x 77-1/2" (196.8cm) High
Rectangle Dimensions: 60" (152cm) Long x 29" (73cm)Deep
DIMENSIONS: 60" (152cm) Long x 29" (73cm)Deep
MB670 (monitors not included)
Standard Features Includes:
DIMENSIONS: 60" (152cm) L & (70" - 82-3/4") (177cm - 210cm) H, Elevation Range
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